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PowerMax Cycling, indoor power training and cycling coaching at its best.  We brought Group Cycling Power Training to Boulder 12 years ago, and continue to offer cutting edge programming.

More Than a Ride

Strength  ⦿  Endurance  ⦿  Flexibility  ⦿  Core  ⦿  Understanding

Industry Leading Registration System  ⦿  Easy Access   .

You Can Ride an Extraordinary Life

  • Expert coaches with 35+ years of Power Training Experience
  • Planned and proven sequential workouts, periodized to your needs
  • Track and see your improvement
  • Interactive, personalized and fun!
  • Cutting edge indoor training technology, with 2 trainer options to choose from
  • Easy access, grand floor studio with free parking
  • Showers on site
  • ​Clients who return year after year

Why PowerMax Cycling?


How Does It Work?

  • In the PowerMax Studio, you ride your bike on our trainers and the workouts are projected on the screen in front of you.
  • The trainers automatically adjust to the resistance level required, this is individualized for each rider.  This allows you to ride at your fitness level, whether  a seasoned pro or a novice recreational rider.
  • Training is planned and periodized to meet your personal needs

Email us for a free trial today!   4770 Pearl St A, Boulder Co