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Lester Pardoe Owner:

Lester brought group indoor power cycling training to Boulder in 2005 and has over

30 years experience training with power starting in 1984 as offseason training for speed skating.  

An Olympic Qualifier in speed skating in 92, 94 and 98 Lester was also a Head Coach and

Team Leader (New Zealand) for the 1998 Winter Olympics and Chief of Competition for

the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games.

Lester graduated with a degree in Physical Education, and then attended the National Coaching

Institute of Canada, and continued his full time career of coaching athletes of all ages and abilities

in a variety of sports.  Lester is a certified coach / has attended coaching courses in: cycling, mt biking, triathlon, swimming, speed skating, short track speed skating, soccer, curling (really!) and ice hockey.  Additionally, Lester has attended the Body Geometry Fit School for Bike Fitting.

Since 2003 Lester has worked for and consulted for several of the key names in cycling power meters and simultaneously launched group, power meter assisted, indoor cycling training. 

A published author and photographer, Lester co-wrote Prepare to Pin it with renowned Mt Bike Skills Coach, Lee McCormack and is also featured in Teaching Mountain Bike Skills the (National Interscholastic Cycling Association Skills Manual) and Mastering Mountain Bike Skills.  Additional articles by Lester can be found in Velonews online, Colorado Runner and

An avid mt biker,Lester can be most often found on a trail high in the mountains.  Lester has completed and helped numerous athletes train for and complete the following stage races: Trans Alps, Trans Rockies, The BC Bike Race, La Ruta, The Cape Epic and the Breck Epic.

PowerMax Cycling strives to bring you the best coaches.  Being a great cyclist doesn't make a great coach....  but if you combine that with knowledge, teaching skills, compassion, motivation, understanding, and a genune desire to help you achieve your goals..... then you have described the PowerMax Cycling Coaching Team.

  • ​Boulder's original group Power Training coach
  • 35+ years experience training with power
  • 14 years of group PowerMax Cycling instruction (11 in Boulder)
  • Online registration
  • Free Parking, easy access, and showers on site.

Cari Higgins: A recently retired pro and a former member of the US National  Track Cycling Team, 17x National Champion. Cari is an exceedingly popular coach, 100% of her sessions sold out last year.

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